2012. június 6.

Walking through the streets of Budapest, entering the courtyards, one can discover wonderful gardens full of plants and charm. The majority of courtyards, though, are empty and dreary, containing nothing but concrete.

It is our wish that nature gains its strenght in human settlements, and city dwellers feel the power of their creativity, experience the joy of working together. Our informal group works ont he renovation of gardens of XIX.-XX. Century buildings, and we would like to inspire others to do so.

In April 2007 three gardens of Buda and Pest were born. Plans were elaborated according to the wishes of locals. People living int he house and our volunteer team realized the gardens with their own hands. Help from outside was limited – just enough to let it happen.

We believe that the rebirth of gardens is not a question of money, a sin a building of 20-50 flats much more depends on self-organisation. As a result, empty spaces gain their stories, and the courtyard becomes the integral part of people’s life.

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